Use Medical Marijuana Discreetly

Take advantage of our Hybrid capsules in Scarborough, ME

Maybe you don't have the time or opportunity to smoke the medical marijuana you need. Maybe you don't want to deal with the effort or the smell. With indica and sativa capsules, you can ingest your medical marijuana directly. Capsules are small and resemble ordinary pills, so they're easy to transport and swallow while out and about.

Shannon's Best Buds LLC provides hybrid capsules to patients in the Scarborough, ME area. You can find a variety of strains designed to produce different effects that can help you manage your specific problem.

Call us at 207-391-0123 to order hybrid capsules today.

Hybrid capsules might not be as glamorous as vaping, but their simplicity offers several benefits. Consider using capsules because...

  • You won't need any specialized equipment to use your medical marijuana
  • Capsules are easy to transport and can be taken anywhere you need them
  • You'll receive a specific dose with each capsule, giving you greater control over how much medical marijuana you consume

You can also avoid the extra empty calories that edibles like sweets provide. Add THC capsules to your daily routine by contacting us now.