Shannon's Best Buds LLC. is a family-run business built by father and son. Our lives originated and consisted of most our lives being in New England. David (father) decided to leave behind the sunshine, shorts, and t-shirts and traded them for shovels, snow boots, and 4 months of clouds and cold.

The choice was obvious. The opportunity to work as father and son, and provide medicine to people in need was an easy choice to make. The decision to move back north was an immediate and unwavering "YES."

Son (Mike) has resided throughout New England for the duration of his life. The cannabis industry had been on his radar for years prior to making the career change. After close to a decade working as a real-estate agent, and the evolving legalities of the cannabis industry, it was decided collectively to move to Maine with the goal of bettering lives of those around us.

To this day, we have been in business for over 3 years. The amount we've learned over this time has been amazing. The ability to properly treat the ones around us brings us great joy and seeing the positive impact on our patient's health has been very eye opening. It's one thing to read about these stories. Its and entirely different one to live it!

We live our lives every single day thinking of innovative ways to better our products and continue to provide the best quality products money can buy. Our plants and garden are shown the most love possible. We love them, we love what we do. Watching the consistent development of the reds, purples, greens, blues and all other colors, trichomes production, and the everyday changes these plants endure bring great job and smiles to us and to our patients.

Our main goal is to provide affordable, top quality, consistency and a nice wide range of products. If you have any questions, comments, requests, etc please call 207-391-0123 or email us at