Enjoy Medical Marijuana Your Way

Choose from a variety of THC extracts in Scarborough, ME

One of the best properties of medical marijuana is its ability to be consumed in many different ways. If you want a change of pace from traditional smoking, consider using THC extracts for your medical marijuana needs. Shannon's Best Buds LLC of Scarborough, ME offers a large selection of THC extracts, such as...

  • Vape liquids and cartridges in many different flavors
  • Crumbles and batters that can be used for dabbing

We can help you find a product and strain that will make your medical marijuana experience as enjoyable as possible. Find out more about THC extracts by contacting us today.

THC doesn't have to include a psychoactive effect. THCA extracts are created with a special refinement process that leaves a pure, potent powder. In their original form, THCA extracts can be used to produce effects similar to THC, but without the mind-altering side effect. This product is also easy to mix into different applications, from tinctures to edibles.

Try THCA extracts by calling our medical marijuana caregiver at 207-391-0123.